Top Powder Skis 2013: Rossignol Super 7, S7 Women's

So Mr. and Mrs. can rip through the pow in style
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For the second year in a row, this classic ski—the same in men's and women's, besides size—wowed testers everywhere. Its all-wood core and titanium build makes it both flexible and super strong, and its pioneering design among powder skis—rockered spoon tip, cambered midbody, rockered pintail—helps it carve groomers alongside the best of its rockered frontside cousins. I guess that's why it won an Editor's Choice Award and Freeskier Magazine called it, “One of the best skis out there...super nimble in all conditions, stable at high speeds and just plain rips in pow.”

Super 7
Best For: Speed and dexterity in the deep stuff
Overall: 3.78 | Float: 4.23 | Stability: 3.61
Length (cm): 188, 195
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 146, 117, 127
Buy It ($750 at

S7 Women
Best For: Speed and dexterity in the deep stuff
Overall: 3.75 | Float: 4.10 | Stability: 3.56
Length (cm): 168, 178
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 140-110-118
Buy It ($700 at

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