Top All-Mountain Skis 2013: Blizzard Samba

Beginner skiers need not apply
Staff Writer


The brand-new Samba is a fast, stable, exceptionally well-balanced ski. Like its top-scoring cousin, the Bonafide, it has a wood core with weight-reducing bamboo that keeps it light and nimble. It also shares Blizzard's Flipcore technology which adds rocker for float and maneuverability. Don't take the Samba for granted, though. It's a strong ski, but a stubborn, unforgiving one that requires your full-on riding attention.

Best For: Advanced skiers looking for a versatile, top-notch women's ski.
Overall: 3.84 | Carving: 3.63 | Float: 3.76
Length (cm): 159,166,173
Tip/Waist/Tail (mm): 131/98/116
$850; (on sale for $700)

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