The Top 6 Tumblrs for Fitness

Fun blogs...but serious about fitness
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Animated GIFs aren’t the only things that move on Tumblr.

It's also one of the top social media sites where people go for fitness advice, healthy recipes and inspiration.

We clicked through  more than a few Tumblrs—struggling not to drop the mouse and run to the nearest gym the whole while—in order to find the most motivational fitness blogs that serve up helpful advice, motivation and workouts with a side of irreverent humor.

Back on Pointe
This Texas-based Tumblr is dance-oriented and popular on Pinterest, too. Fueled by a passion for dance and fitness, blogger Lita posts workouts that target specific muscles and fitness levels, while also finding plenty of time to share her favorite fitness finds and recipes.

Ben Does Life
Ben was a 365-pound depressed Arkansan who built his self-confidence, fitness and, ultimately, happiness by running. Eight marathons, two Ironmans and 120 pounds later, he continues the blog to motivate others.

One Twenty Five
Although Canadian Liz has yet to reach this her ideal weight (where the site gets its name), she has a lot of fun blogging about the journey to reach that ever-elusive goal, which includes everything from a regular running schedule to bouts with CrossFit and the Paleo diet. Along the way, too, you get plenty of her personality as she dishes on dining out and world travels.

Cassey Ho is a Bay-area Pilates and fitness instructor known for her workout videos on YouTube. On her Tumblr, she shares workouts, healthy (and mouth-watering) recipes, meal plans and a huge helping of motivational pep.

One girl’s journey…
Tribander, as she calls herself, got a gastric band, became a runner, a triathlete and CrossFitter and lost more than 90 pounds. Now she's in training for Ironman NYC, and posts CrossFit WODs, Paleo tips, Ironman training updates and scads of photos of the New York City landmarks she passes on her training.

My Life My Words
A Brit living across the pond in the United States, his enthusiasm for running is matched by his sense of humor. The “accidental runner” also spends some entries talking about his work life in funny, made-for-TV entries that could be sitcom episodes.

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