Top 3 Bike Locks of 2015

These locks are sure to secure your ride wherever you park it

From city streets to suburban neighborhoods, bike owners everywhere worry about having their prized possession stolen. It’s something that happens all too common and most of the time it’s just not hard for thieves to ride off with your bike. Regular chains can be cut and typical U-locks can be leveraged open and that’s why you need to upgrade your lock.

Nokē U-Lock
This smartphone compatible, practically indestructible bike lock is brand new and offers top-of-the-line protection. Working on a Bluetooth connection, you can control the lock from an app on your phone. Open the lock with the push of a button or let the app do the work for you—apparently the lock can recognize when your phone is within a few feet and it will open up automatically. Should someone try to steal it, the Noke comes with a loud alarm and if you forgot where you parked your bike, the app comes with a GPS guide. This may just be the smartest bike lock ever made.; $114

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock
Just as tough as the area it was named for—the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini will keep out every bike thief. The company backs their lock with a 10 out of 10 security rating and $4,500 in insurance money, if thieves somehow manage to get away with your bike. 18mm of steel and double deadbolt locking protect your favorite mode of transportation.; $85

Master Lock Street Cuffs
This bike lock looks incredibly intimidating (as it’s shaped like handcuffs) and it brings the strength to match. The Lock Street Cuffs from Master are made of steel, making them virtually impossible to cut and leverage attacks are no match for the cuffs either. Compact enough for your pocket, this lock also comes with a $3,500 anti-theft guarantee and at just $45, they’re a great deal.; $45

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