The Top 10 Weirdest Workouts

Weird isn’t always bad—try one to spice up your fitness routine

Fitness websites warn of plateaus, trainers remind clients they need variety and the sheer selection of equipment— these should all be eye-opening clues. Yet, it happens. Before you know it you’ve spent the last three weeks doing your standard two and a half miles on the treadmill and then crunches, pushups and a plank in that order. It’s the dreaded fitness rut— and it happens to the best of us.

It’s so tempting to turn on your favorite tunes and autopilot your way through your standard workout. We’re all guilty of slouching into the plateau and letting our routine get stale, no one’s judging. But it is essential to consider the repercussions: general boredom and lack of progress.

Slideshow: Weird Workouts

With a solid four weeks into the New Year, it seems this is the best time to give you a heads up. It’s time to shake things up— and we’re not talking about opting for the elliptical. Try one of these crazy, ingenious or just plain weird workouts, and at the very least your workout won’t be boring.

Another, somewhat implicit, reminder: consult a doctor before trying a new workout. Always be aware of your physical limitations and past injuries or health concerns. A muscle strain really puts a damper on those “sexercises” and that time that you broke a hip Prancercising will be your new most embarrassing story.