Too Busy for Fitness? Think Again

Find time to work out with these 12 tips

Kristina—Life moves fast in the digital lane, especially for Kristina Simmons, lululemon's manager of social media. Although she stands just five feet tall, she has giant goals, such as her BHAG to attend the ever-amazing annual celebration of music, film and all things interactive—SXSW. (She's went, alright, and as a presenter, no less). No matter how busy life gets, she fits in her workouts.

Kristina's Tips
It's all about prioritizing when you work crazy hours. Being on the digital team at lululemon means my days are jam-packed, but I always get in a good sweat. (Well, at least most days!) Preparing to speak in Austin had things a little more chaotic than usual for me and I relied on the following guidelines to make sure I stayed fit and sane. Here are my tips.

Sweat in the morning.
My productivity increases big time if I work out first thing in the morning. I'm more likely to do it before the rush begins, plus I don’t have to think about it the rest of the day. I put my gear out the night before. My alarm goes off at 5:30am, and I am on the treadmill by 6am.

Schedule workouts into your calendar. Set reminders. Have integrity.
I schedule a circuit class every Wednesday at 4:30pm. I tell my co-workers in the morning so they are fully aware of my plans and they hold me accountable even if the day gets crazy.

Seek out your workouts before travelling.
Before I travel for work or pleasure, I check out where the cool studios or running spots are and choose hotels with gyms whenever possible. (PS. If you're travelling near a store, drop in to find out where all the locals go.)

Get some new gear.
New workout clothes make my day. (Yes, I work at lululemon. Call me biased.) It's the perfect reward when I've been working hard. I swear that getting up early is easier when I get to break in a new pair of pants or shoes.

Plan a meeting/workout mashup.
If I don't need my computer, it's fun to meet while going for a run or a walk. The endorphin rush makes for great brainstorming and bonding. (Editor's note: If you want to maintain your office friendships, we suggest you do this only if you have access to a shower at work or if it's at the end of the day.)

Work out at work.
I'm fortunate to work at company that has yoga and fitness classes throughout the day. Why not propose it at yours? If it isn't feasible, start a run club before or after work 1-2 days a week. Our No Excuses Run Club is a big hit here at the office.

Make workout plans with a co-worker or a friend.
I'm less likely to back out if I make plans with someone ahead of time. I typically schedule my weekly plan on Sundays and share it with friends and co-workers to see if they want to join. Sometimes, I even tweet to see who's interested in going.

Commit to a challenge.
If I pay the money to do a 30-day challenge, I’m more likely to actually go. Plus, a little friendly competition always helps.

When I change up my workouts, it doesn't feel like work. I attend complimentary classes at our stores, try new studios, go for runs, hikes, swims—you name it. I’m always searching for new fun classes, running routes and DVDs.

Get new tunes.
When I am feeling unmotivated, I add some new music to the mix. It keeps things fresh, fun and interesting.

Pick up a fitness magazine.
Getting new workout ideas and healthy tips motivates me to work out. I love Women's Health, Fitness, SELF and Shape when it comes to magazines. I also love reading Fitsugar when I'm on the go.

Get into a routine.
It's all about establishing good habits. Whatever activities you choose, commit and make them a routine. When you get into the habit, you are less likely to back out. Your body craves it.

My final note? Don’t let lack of time become an obstacle to taking care of yourself. If your goals are to work out more, make it a priority. You’ll feel better, get more done, and be happier!

Want more?

  • Get your local store's class schedule. Every location has amazing weekly events.
  • Discover new music. We have lots of playlists to browse.
  • Freshen up your wardrobe. Breaking in new gear is the perfect catalyst to sweat more.
  • Download a fitness app. Lesia has great tips on apps to keep you motivated.
  • Mix health with travel. Go on a yoga retreat for the most enjoyable workout to date.


This story was first published on Lululemon.

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