Tips for Perfecting Your At-Home Yoga Practice

Make your transition into an at-home yoga practice smooth and enjoyable

Steeped in the stress of our daily lives and under so much pressure, it’s not hard to imagine why people don’t always make time for important things like exercise and self-reflection.[slideshow:1354]

In the midst of crazy schedules, it's hard to appreciate our connection to the universe and our small but important role. It's too easy to get carried away and lose focus of what's important. Minds crowded and bodies exhausted we all need an escape every once in a while to reestablish that connection.

For many people yoga is that perfect escape. The practice challenges the mind and body, while helping us focus and let go of the stress that tends to build day-to-day. Yet, many people only get their yoga-fix in studios and classrooms with an instructor—and while professional instruction is certainly important—that doesn’t mean you can’t practice on your own too.

Passionate yogis have taken their practice around the world to Japanese gardens, beaches, mountaintops and beyond—you can certainly take your practice to your living room. We’ve compiled some top tips to make the transition into an at-home yoga practice both smooth and enjoyable.

Let Go of Preconceived Expectations

When people decide to expand their yoga practice from the studio to their living room they often assume that their at-home practice will be exactly like the class. It’s important to acknowledge that your at-home practice will be different. Instead of the hour-long sessions you’re used to in class, try starting with a short 15 minute session—you’re the one leading this practice so it’s best to start small and work to bigger sequences.

Same Time, Same Place

Just as scheduling your workouts makes it easier to fit it in, carving out a set time for yoga helps ensure you get on the mat regularly. Additionally, having a space dedicated to yoga makes it more of a firm routine and helps you create a calming atmosphere. Your yoga space doesn’t have to be huge or elaborate; it just needs to be clear enough for you to move freely (though you can, of course make it your own with candles, light music, ect.).

8 other Tips for Perfecting Your At-Home Yoga Practice