Tips for Losing the Last Few Pounds Before Summer

10 Ways to get over the plateau and lose the last bit of weight

Losing weight is tough, that goes without saying, but losing the last few pounds is arguably the toughest part.

Sure, getting started is hard and following a weight loss plan is never easy, but after you’ve made a bunch of progress and are a mere five or 10 pounds from your summer goal, it may seem impossible when you hit that last plateau. Don’t get discouraged, that last obstacle may seem overwhelming, but there are ways to overcome it.

When trying to lose a few pounds, it’s important to consider your plan a lifestyle change rather than a temporary diet, otherwise the weight will simply return when you stop dieting and exercising. By making long-term changes you help ensure a healthy lifestyle that lasts and that means you’ll feel good in addition to looking good. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be fit for summer, but making permanent changes will help those good habits last.

Whether you need to reevaluate your diet, upgrade your exercise regimen or get more sleep, these 10 tips will help you shed the last few pounds before summer comes.

Get Serious on Weekends

It might be tempting to enjoy your downtime on the couch with a bowl of popcorn or at the bar having a few drinks with friends, but research from the Washington University School of Medicine has shown that weekends present a big problem for waistlines. People tend to eat more on the weekends (even when they’re on a diet) and they don’t seem to notice, according to the study. Researchers suggest planning weekend meals and paying attention to portion sizes to avoid the pitfalls that sneak up on Saturday and Sunday.

Stay Hydrated

Most of us recognize the importance of staying hydrated, but do you know exactly why hydration is so important for your weight loss goals and overall health? Water keeps you energized, boosts the immune system and keeps joints and muscles in good shape, all important aspects of staying healthy. In addition to those benefits, staying hydrated will ensure you’re not carrying excess water weight and since feelings of thirst are often mistaken for feelings of hunger, drinking water will keep fleeting cravings at bay. 

8 other Tips for Losing the Last Few Pounds Before Summer

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