How to Wrap Gifts Like a Christmas Elf


How to Wrap Presents Like a Christmas Elf

Give your Christmas gifts that magic touch with these tips
How to Wrap Gifts Like a Christmas Elf


There are many parts of the Christmas season that make it so magical, from the chill in the air to the special treats to the twinkling lights. But one of the most satisfying sights of the season is seeing all the beautifully wrapped presents underneath the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it can be quite cumbersome to make Christmas gifts look picture perfect.

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One of the easiest ways to make your gifts look like they were wrapped by elves at the North Pole is to hide the tape. Instead of placing strips of tape over the edges of your wrapping paper, use double-sided tape and tuck it underneath the flaps of paper so your package has a clean appearance. Some next-level gift-wrappers opt to use hot glue, which doesn’t show and will hold down even the thickest of papers. 

Having the right supplies is half the battle, so for professional-looking wrapping, invest in higher quality wrapping paper. Thinner, cheaper paper will rip and crinkle easily instead of giving you nice, crisp edges.

Consider alternative wrapping options as well like burlap, crepe paper or plain brown paper or black chalkboard paper covered in doodles from your kids for a personalized touch.  

Toppers like bows and ribbons are a lovely finishing touch that can also get the job done on larger items like bicycles or play sets. Don’t frustrate yourself trying to cover oversized or odd-shaped items in wrapping paper. Gift bags with plenty of paper on top to hide their contents can also be as visually appealing and satisfying to open as boxed presents.


Making sure your family’s presents are beautifully wrapped come Christmas morning is just another way you can make it look like Santa really came to your house.