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Things You Didn't Know About Lululemon

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Complimentary Tailoring

According to the company’s website: “You can bring your Lululemon pants to any one of our store locations for complimentary hemming.”  They claim you can bring your apparel to any store at any time and that no receipt is required.


Lulu Who?

According to, the company’s name was chosen after surveying 100 people who were presented with 20 different names and logos to pick from. The brand's logo, which they claim is a stylized “A,” is the result of the failed name “Athletically Hip.”  


Name Games

If you look beyond the marketing copy of the company’s website, you might be be surprised to learn that the name Lululemon was selected probably not through a survey but for a much more controversial reason. In a 2004 edition of the National Post Business Magazine the company’s founder Chip Wilson was quoted as saying  the following: “The reason the Japanese liked [my former skateboard brand, ‘Homeless’] was because it had an L in it and a Japanese marketing firm wouldn’t come up with a brand name with an L in it. L is not in their vocabulary. It’s a tough pronunciation for them. So I thought, next time I have a company, I’ll make a name with three Ls and see if I can get three times the money. It’s kind of exotic for them. I was playing with Ls and I came up with Lululemon. It’s funny to watch them try to say it.”


Active Employees

Apparently Lululemon employees uphold the healthy lifestyle preached by much of the brand’s marketing since nearly two-thirds of the staff at the company’s Store Support Center in Vancouver walk, bike, or take public transportation to work. 


Goal Getters

If you ever aspire to work at a Lululemon store, be prepared to put your goals and ambitions on display. Employees are required to set their short- and long-term goals in ink and post them in the store for everyone to see.


Employee Perks

The company doesn’t just want to see their employees set goals; they go out of their way to help them achieve their dreams, too. The "Fund a Goal" program was created as an incentive to assist high-performing Lululemon employees accomplish their biggest aspirations.


Alternative Interviews

According to HRM Today, the company’s hiring process involves inviting interviewee’s to yoga classes and spin sessions so that managers can evaluate potential employees in different types of atmospheres.


Free Yoga for Everyone

All Lululemon stores offer free yoga classes to anyone who wishes to participate. 


Mega Millions

Despite a constant onslaught of negative attention last year, the company continues to profit. According to the most recent financial report: “Net revenue for the [2013 third] quarter increased 20% to $379.9 million from $316.5 million in the third quarter of fiscal 2012.”


Teach, Not Sell

Lululemon refers to its store employees not as sales associates but as “educators” because their main role is to inform customers about the product.  “By educating guests we empower them to make decisions for themselves based on the facts that we offer them,” says the company’s website.

Wow Items

According to CNN, the company hooks its best customers by selling “wow items,” or exclusive products that are only available in stores for four to six weeks and never restocked.


Free Fitness

“Lululemon paid for unlimited fitness classes for its employees: yoga, Pilates, dance, anything else. You'd just bring in your receipt and get reimbursed. I recently heard they changed the policy to a limited amount of classes per week,” one former employee told


Shoe-Savvy CEO

The company’s current CEO, Laurent Potdevin, was once president of philanthropic shoe brand TOMS.

Things You Didn't Know About Lululemon