These Women Are Shattering Stereotypes About Weight Lifting

The Oxford University Powerlifting Club is showing everyone what it really means to "lift like a girl"

Following the well-received and widely celebrated “Like a Girl” ad released by Always during this year’s Super Bowl, the women of the Oxford University Powerlifting Club are contributing to the dialogue with their new video “Lift Like a Girl.”

On a mission to prove that weight lifting is a sport for everyone, the women share inspiring thoughts about why they lift, what they love about it, and what they would say to girls who are interested in trying the sport.

“You’ll surprise yourself with how strong you are,” one of the young women remarks.

The team’s captain, Abi Willett told the Huffington Post that she thinks there are still too many stereotypes about women and weight lifting.

"There's a stereotype that either women can't lift or that women who lift somehow become 'manly."'

Of course, these misconceptions just aren’t true, and the empowered voices of these inspiring ladies are helping to end them.

The women are also tackling the issue of body image, a topic that several club members address in the video.

“I think we have a real cultural problem in that women are taught they must exercise in order to diminish their figures rather than to become strong and healthy," Willett told Mic.

She explained that lifting helped to improve her body image, and this sentiment is echoed by her team members.

One club member sums the sentiment up nicely, “When I lift I’m not worried about my body, or how my hair is, or how I look. It’s just me and the bar, and how much I can do.”