Calcium Before Workouts is Best for Your Bones

Study shows supplements helps replenish nutrient in blood

We all know that calcium—whether from milk, soy, almonds or other sources—is good for your bones. But a new study shows that taking it around the same time as a workout may be the most effective way to prevent calcium loss and to aid recovery.   

After an intense workout, the mineral can be lost in sweat. It’s especially evident in post-workout blood tests. So researchers decided to see if calcium supplements helped prevent this drop.

Researchers divided the all-male study participants into two groups, one that received pills containing calcium and vitamin D (which helps add absorption), before a hard workout and a second that received the same combination afterwards. Then the researchers tested the amount of calcium in the athletes blood. Both groups lost calcium after the workout, but the group that had taken the pills and Vitamin D beforehand had slightly higher levels of calcium in their blood.

These results are preliminary, and the sample only included men, but they’re onto something here. Calcium-rich foods have been lauded as good post-workout snacks to aid the muscle rebuilding that occurs after exercising intensely.