Take Advantage of the Snow: Outdoor Workouts that Are More Challenging in the Winter

From snowshoeing to ice climbing, these cold weather workouts are crazy effective

When winter starts up it can certainly be tough to find the motivation to workout.[slideshow:1247]

When winter starts up it can certainly be tough to find the motivation to workout.

When winter drags on for a few months that motivation can be even harder to find and when the snow just doesn’t seem to show any signs of melting in mid-February it can seem downright impossible.

It’s not uncommon to want to hibernate for the winter, but it’s important for our health, fitness and mindset to keep up an active lifestyle. There are a handful of benefits that come with outdoor winter workouts and we’ve outlined 9 great ways to put your muscles to work this winter.


Snowshoeing: a tranquil way to enjoy the outdoors or a killer workout? Actually, it’s both. Though it may not seem like a killer at first glance, this deceptive workout will have you feeling it in no time. Not only does snowshoeing give your heart rate a boost, but it will give your muscles, especially the lower body, a major challenge.

Fat Biking

Can’t wait for sun-soaked spring cycling? You don’t necessarily have to. Give fat biking a shot, the wide-tires tackle snow and give the rider a great workout. It’s become increasingly popular and there are more places to ride than ever before. If you can’t get rid of the snow, why not just ride on top of it?