Susan G. Komen Cuts its 3-Day Walks by Half

Fewer opportunities for the 60-mile fundraising walk in 2014

Fewer people have are training and fundraising to walk 60 miles in a weekend. The Susan G. Komen Foundation announced this week it will drop half of its 3-day fundraising walks, a spokesperson told The Daily News.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day is a 60-mile, three-day walk held in 14 cities and sponsored by the Dallas, Texas-based nonprofit. In 2014, the organization plans to return to only seven of these cities. Participation in its fundraisers and its contributions are down significantly from the past year.  The organization made its announcement using Facebook.

Canceled walks include the Phoenix area, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Chicago, Boston, and Tampa Bay.   

The Facebook post said, “While the 3-Day has brought great awareness to the breast cancer cause, participation levels over the last four years have made it difficult to sustain an event of this magnitude in 14 cities.”

The 3-Day is a combined walking and camping experience that takes place over a weekend. Participants in the walk must prep for the event at training sessions sponsored by the non-profit, in addition to any training a participant does on his or her own. To qualify for the event, a potential participant must raise $2,300.

The organization listed no participation rates for the 3-Day on its website, but a spokesperson told The Daily News that participation had dropped 37 percent over four years. Participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5K has also dropped. Donations to the organization are also down. Tax records from the show that contributions dropped.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation made news last year when it abruptly cut funding to Planned Parenthood. The outcry led the non-profit to restore the funding, but it damaged organization’s reputation.

The event will continue in seven cities: Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Southeast Michigan, San Diego and Seattle.

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