Surreal Sunsets

Surreal Sunsets

10 Surreal Sunsets That Will Take Your Breath Away

Tourists travel from all over to find destinations famous for their sunsets and tour guides plan entire tours around the schedule of the setting sun. Many say it’s their favorite time of day and, with sights like these, it’s not hard to see why.

El Porto, Calif.

A beach community in Southern California, El Porto is well known for fantastic sights and perfect waves. Part of the larger Manhattan Beach, this surfers paradise is open to the public and parking in the El Porto lot is free before 8 a.m., but beach-front metered parking is also available at $1.25 per hour.

Paris, France

In the epicenter of this vast, photogenic city there’s no limit to beautiful sights, like the Eiffel Tower, and those sights are made even more beautiful in the sunset. The Eiffel Tower, particularly at dusk, is a must-see on a seemingly endless list of gorgeous and historically rich monuments throughout the city.

Hood River, Ore

Known as the Wind Surfing Capitol of the World, Hood River is set in the Cascade Mountain Range, on the shore of the Columbia River Gorge. From hiking to tubing, the recreation opportunities could keep you busy for days and the sights are an added bonus.

Wroclaw, Poland

The fourth largest city in Poland is well known for its architecture and complex history. Due in part to its location among several rivers, Wroclaw was once part of the Polish, Czech, Austrian and German states. Blended elements from those cultures can be seen there today, alongside natural marvels.

Queensland, Australia

Queensland draws tourists from all over the globe to sun soaked beaches with the promise of great views. Take in the sights of the infamous Great Barrier Reef then get back on shore to watch the sun go down.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

The words Bora Bora immediately conjure images of a crystal clear lagoon with private over-water bungalows and mountaintops lining the background. Another thing Bora Bora is well known for—unbelievable sunsets. Either watch from the island or take a champagne sunset cruise and enjoy the spectacle out on the water.

Norderney, Germany

Home to more than eight miles of continuous beach and a separate National Park, Norderney is a perfect getaway from the German mainland, with particularly spectacular views at sunset.

Tazacorte, Spain

Located on the Spanish island of La Palma, Tazacorte isn’t much of a tourist area. Known for its banana farms, which occupy most of the land, whale watching tours and boat excursions are the main tourist attractions in the area, but the sunsets alone are worth a mention—and possibly even a trip.

Victoria, B.C.

The Capital of British Columbia and the winner of several tourism awards, Victoria is a top travel destination. Named to Travel and Leisure’s 2012 list of the Top Ten Islands in the World, Victoria’s shores meet the waves of the Pacific Ocean, and the land offers tourists access to rainforests and the Olympic Mountains.

Key Largo, Fla.

Referred to by locals as the Dive Capital of the World, Key Largo is home to a National Marine Sanctuary. You’ll find the Sanctuary six miles offshore, at a 510-foot sunken U.S. Navy ship which is the backbone for a growing coral reef. The Northernmost of the five Florida Keys also boasts some of the best fishing opportunities in the world and the sunset isn’t bad either.