Surprising Reasons You're Gaining Weight

Expert advice on ways you may be sabotaging your fitness goals

Taking care of your body, staying fit and eating well are top priorities for having a long healthy life. And whether you are in the process of losing weight, maintaining your current body weight, or just trying to stay healthy and fit, the goal is not to gain any unnecessary weight. [slideshow:1145]

One day, we may step on the scale and see that the number has increased. It doesn’t make sense. We’ve seemingly been eating properly, working out regularly and trying to stay fit. But, sometimes there are reasons for weight gain that go unnoticed.

These shocking and surprising reasons people gain weight happen every day. To compile the list, I chatted with four experts on the subject. Bob Wright is the Director of Education Hilton Head Health, a leading weight loss resort. Sports medicine RD, Dr. Jackie Buell has extensive knowledge on the subject of nutrition and wellness. Nutritionists and trainers Franci Cohen and Minna Herskowitz also weighed in on the subject of weight gain.

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All agreed that there are a number of unnoticed reason that induce weight gain. Even overtraining or undereating can be common ways to gain weight. Knowing your body, and taking care of it properly can sustain you through a healthy life. And that goes beyond just cutting calories or exercising more frequently. Sometimes, your weight may start to go up just because of you haven’t been getting that minimum 7-8 hours of sleep.

Everyone’s body is different, and there are multiple reactions or medical variations it could have that cause weight gain. But there are some that you can prevent. These 11 ways you are gaining weight may shock you, but they can be prevented.

Click here for the 11 surprising reasons you’re gaining weight.

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