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Michael Bublé

You know how most runners hate running on the treadmill? Well Mr. Bublé prefers it. In Feet Don't Fail Me Now the three-time Grammy award winner and Frank Sinatra sound-alike told Kaplan that he thought running outside was too rough on his joints and that he loves to run, but only on the treadmill. Maybe he “just hasn’t met” a good enough outdoor route yet.


Alanis Morissette

Her friends think she’s crazy, she’s obsessed with kale, and she’s really into yoga. Yep, certainly sounds like she’s a runner. Morissette completed a few triathlons before signing up for and finishing her first marathon in 2009. Just like a lot of other creative types who credit their inspiration to the sport, she told Runner's World that she finds empowerment in the endorphins and uses it as a way to find her peace of mind.


Ben Gibbard

Gibbard, the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie (and also former vocalist for The Postal Service) told Runner’s World that finishing the L.A. Marathon in 2011 changed his life. He’s candid about the fact that life on the road as a preforming artist previously encouraged him to engage in some reckless activities, but says that when he decided to start running, all his unhealthy habits began to fall away. In Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Gibbard tells Kaplan he trained up to the marathon in just four months. He finished the race in 3:56:34 and also shared that he’s still running and finds inspiration in Haruki Murakami’s book “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running.”



First and foremost a musician, Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist Flea went from never having really run a day in his life, to reading “Born to Run” by Chris McDougall in 2010, to finishing his first marathon in L.A. last year. He told Runner’s World that running became a new way for him to express himself and he ran the race as a means to raise money for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit musical education school for kids that he started in 2011. Although he may have only just discovered it, it seems like his love for the sport has quickly grown to be just as a big as his love for music.


Kate Gosselin

Strictly a treadmill runner when she first started out, Gosselin decided to take her training outdoors once the “John & Kate Plus 8” buzz faded and the paparazzi went away . Of course, like almost any other runner, there was no turning back for her after that. She told Runner’s World she become “completely addicted immediately.” She ran the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon at the end of last year and said the best part about it was that her kids got to see her set and achieve her goal.


Sean Combs

Sean Combs, P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy. The rapper has gone by a lot of names over the years and in 2003 he added “marathon runner” to the list of things he can be called. He probably could have just given them the money, but despite his “baller” status he ran the New York City Marathon and raised $2 million for a few different charities including his own, Daddy’s House Social Programs, which provides aid to inner city youth.


Sarah Palin

Unlike a lot of celebrities who are new to the sport, Palin says thanks to her parents, she’s been running for more than 30 years now. In fact Palin’s family sounds like a fitter version of the Brady Bunch when she tells Runner’s World that her dad was a track coach who used to haul her and her siblings out to Anchorage for 10K family fun runs. It’s no surprise she’s kept up the sport all these years, though, because we all know once the run bug bites, you’re pretty much in it for life. 



That’s right. Slash, as in the lead guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, is a runner. Well, maybe not exactly. In Feet Don't Fail Me Now he admitted to Kaplan that he runs, but also mentioned that he hates the sport. In fact, he said he hates all exercise. He also said that he hates using an iPod but likes watching TV while he works out. We guess he’s just trying to reap a few of the benefits and call it a day. 


Summer Sanders

Maybe you know her as the three-time Olympic gold-medalist swimmer, or (depending on your age) maybe you remember her as the host of Nickelodeon’s slime-tastic show, “Figure it Out.” Either way now you can add "marathon-runner" to the list of ways Sanders has made a name for herself. After retiring her cap and goggles Sanders started running regularly, and fell in love with the sport. She told Runner’s World that she’s not competitive with the sport the way she was with swimming, but still she ran her first marathon on a total whim (without any training) and finished in 3:35. Maybe she’s no longer competitive, but it certainly seems like she’ll always be a natural athlete.


Will Ferrell

This funnyman isn’t just jogging around for jokes. Having completed a handful of long-distance races including The New York City Marathon in 2001, The Stockholm Marathon in 2002, The Boston Marathon in 2003, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon last year, it’s clear that the sport is one thing he takes quite seriously. He told USA Today that his SNL cast mates sometimes got angry with him for skipping late nights out while he was training for a race. It’s that kind of dedication that shows when a runner's really not joshing around.


Woody Harrelson

In Feet Don’t Fail Me Now Harrelson talked to Kaplan mostly about the play he was working on at the time, comparing the writing process to training for a marathon. And despite admitting to being a bit of a lazy procrastinator, he told Kaplan that he runs recreationally, is a fan of “Born to Run” by Chris McDougall, and that he loves his Vibram FiveFinger barefoot shoes. We wonder if it's hard for him run outside without being bothered since almost "everybody knows his name."


Pamela Anderson

OK, well maybe she’s not technically a runner yet. In about two weeks’ time Anderson is scheduled to line up with about 47,000 other runners at the starting line of the 2014 New York City Marathon. She’s running to raise money for Sean Penn’s Haitian Relief Organization, but she recently told The Daily News that she’s “never been a runner” and that she’s “never even run across the street” (whatever that means). It's not much compared to marathon training, but we guess she forgot about all that “Baywatch” beach running she used to do.