Which Dietary Supplements Really Work?

A data-based interactive graphic shows what's effective—and what isn't

When looking for a natural remedy, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the supplement section of your local grocery or health food store. 

If you want the facts on what works and what doesn’t, check out the below infographic from Information is Beautiful. Each bubble represents a different supplement and one of its touted health benefits. While the location shows how much scientific support backs the claim, the size of the bubble represents its popularity among the general public. Don’t be surprised if you see multiple bubbles for one supplement. That’s just to review multiple claims of a given food, drink or herb. For example, green tea is rumored to help prevent cancer, as well as maintain healthy cholesterol levels. While it works for one, the verdict is still out on the other. Want to know more? Click on the image for the full, interactive version.

H/T Greatist.