Superfood Swaps: Healthy Alternatives that Won’t Break the Bank

These healthy eating staples pack a nutritious punch at a more affordable price

Rene Ficek, a Registered Dietitian and the Lead Nutrition Expert at Seattle Sutton's Healthy Eating agrees, a shopping cart full of fancy superfoods can really break your budget.

You head out to the grocery store excited to stock up on the latest health foods that are apparently all the rage, only to find  that while they may be super-healthy, they’re not exactly super-affordable.

Ficek says that you shouldn’t let a limited budget keep you from eating as healthy as possible; there are plenty of “superfood swaps” that are just as nutritious, but much easier on your bank account.

We asked a few health food experts to share their favorite superfood alternatives. Here’s what you should look for when you’re on the hunt for the most nutritious foods that are also affordable. 

Collard Greens Instead of Kale

“[Collards] are often cheaper and pack tons of vitamin K, key for bone and blood health, and fiber and vitamin A, key for eye health, cell growth, and immunity,” says Lula Brown, a New York City based Certified Health Coach and private chef. Mollie Dickson, CEO and co-founder of The Heart’s Kitchen, a food and nutrition consulting company that works with a team of two registered dietitians and a doctor, mentioned that spinach, while less trendy, is also a great alternative to kale. “This staple is just as nutritious and typically more accessible and affordable,” she said. “While both have comparable levels of Vitamin A and calcium, spinach takes the lead in amount of potassium. Plus it has about double the amount of iron and magnesium.” Abby Langer, a Registered Dietitian and a council member for the College of Dietitians of Ontario suggested using collards and chard in sautés and salads or as wraps for sandwiches.  

Cauliflower Instead of Kale

Langer also suggested cauliflower as an equally nutritious swap for kale. Though, she did admit that it can be just as bland and “less than impressive.” To spice it up she recommends using it to make “buffalo bites” with Frank’s Red Hot Cayenne Pepper Sauce.   

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