This Superfood May Offer Unexpected Longevity Benefits

Nutrient rich foods with major benefits aren’t only in the produce aisle

When you think of superfoods, images of exotic fruits and strange vegetables may come to mind, but incredible nutrition benefits don’t begin and end in the produce aisle. Though fruits and vegetables offer a slew of great benefits, they shouldn’t be our only dietary focus. Other foods can offer surprising benefits too. Nuts and peanuts, for example, are a great option and they may even help you live longer.

Over the past few years researchers have been studying the effect nuts have on our health and it seems they may have a positive effect on our longevity. A series of studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine surveyed a combined total of 118,962 men and women and found an inverse relationship between the amount of nuts people ate and their rate of mortality. In other words, the study noted that the more nuts people ate, the less likely they were to die—especially when it came to “cause-specific mortality” like cardiovascular disease.

Though the study is promising and included a large number of subjects, the population was lacking diversity. A recently published study, though, takes into account a wider array of ethnic groups and backgrounds, some of whom had other risk factors. The recent study also incorporated smokers, people who were obese and those who had high blood pressure and diabetes.

The study recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine looked at 200,000 people in the U.S. and Shanghai and concluded that the more nuts people ate, the lower their chance of mortality of any cause—but especially when it comes to cardiovascular disease. The authors of the study suggest eating more nuts may be a good strategy for achieving better cardiovascular health.

Based on the research and other nutritional benefits, it seems nuts may well qualify for the superfood category and they might even help extend your life.