SunJack: Power for Living or Playing Off the Grid

"World's most portable and powerful solar charger" meets funding goals, heads into production

The great outdoors provide a great escape in this hyper-digital age. Hiking, biking and camping allow retreat from the daily grind for many, but for those who can't unplug, there are wilderness-friendly solutions.

From rugged phone cases to solar chargers, advancements bring household and office conveniences to the woods and beyond. Technology is constantly improving and that’s clear in Harold Tan’s portable solar charger design.

The aptly named SunJack is currently a prototype but Tan and his team are raising funds on Kickstarter for mass production. The crowd-funding campaign is in its final few days and they have exceeded both their initial goal of raising $30,000 and their reach goal of $50,000.

“SunJack is the world’s most portable and powerful solar charger designed for off-grid use,” said Tan. “[it] folds up to the size of a journal or notebook, you can charge pretty much anything that plugs into a USB port.”

The devices come in two sizes, 14 Watts and 20 Watts; both are fully charged after five hours in the sun. The 14 Watt model can power up to four iPhones and the 20 Watt model can power 8 iPhones or 1.4 iPads. Through the Kickstarter campaign, the models are priced at $100 and $200, respectively.

This durable, portable energy source is an early step toward energy independence, according to Tan. It can be used almost anywhere and the battery will last for at least three years even with daily use. With the help of their 350+ backers, they hope to start shipping SunJack this summer.

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