Summer Trips Perfect for You and Your Dog

From waves to wine, bring your dog along on these summer adventures

Summer is the perfect time for travel and adventure—whatever that means to you.

Whether you’re looking forward to surfing, camping or simply taking in the outdoors with a glass of wine in-hand, there are tons of trip options for you—and, in many cases, these adventures are dog-friendly too.

Your best friend and faithful buddy doesn’t have to stay home while you seek summer fun, she can come along. There are wineries, campsites, beaches, watersports companies and more that welcome four-legged friends all over the country.

It seems even restaurants with outdoor seating and hotels are becoming more dog-friendly, so don’t leave your dog home this summer, instead take an epic adventure together.

Beach Trip

The quintessential summer trip, a visit to the beach, could be a great trip option for you and your dog. There are a bunch of beaches that are dog-friendly—Sanibel Island off the coast of Florida is a particularly dog-friendly destination and there are other dog-friendly beaches up north.


The great outdoors and four-legged friends, it’s a perfect match. Many campsites across the country are dog friendly—even some Disney campsites allow four-legged friends—so do your research and find an area with hiking trails open to dogs.

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