Study: Strength Training May Improve Your Memory

Recent research reveals that resistance training can improve memory function

According to a recent study from researchers at Georgia Tech, strength training may play a role in enhancing the human mind; another item we can add to the long list of health benefits associated with exercise

The study examined 46 subjects with an average age of 20. 23 of the participants exercised regularly and 23 did not. The experiment set out to determine whether a short, single session of strength training could produce episodic memory benefits 48 hours later.

The results found that the “active” study participants who performed a resistance exercise after being presented with a remember-know recognition memory test “had higher overall recognition accuracy than the group that did not exercise, the passive group.”

Although the study did not reveal exactly how resistance training and improved memory function are correlated, the researchers speculate that the “benefit may occur because exercise produces a similar physiological response as physical stressors.”

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