The Strangest Energy Bar Flavors

A few of the more interesting flavor choices from some of the bigger brands

Energy bars—some of the most convenient on-the-go fuel for all of your adventures. They’re compact, full of carbs, protein and vital nutrients and often times, they’re surprisingly tasty. It seems the flavor choices are getting ever more daring and out of the box, some of the experiments work, while others are—well, just strange.

We’ve included a few of the more interesting flavor choices from some of the bigger brands. Some are simple, others complex and many sound more like dessert than fuel for fitness. Let us know which flavors you think are strange and which ones you love because of their uniqueness.

Lemon Meringue Crunch

Certainly one for the dessert list—but have you ever had crunchy lemon meringue pie?


Clif is well known for making some of the yummiest bars in the business, but apricot—count us out.

Citrus Burst

This one sounds more like a toothpaste flavor.

Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan

It seems so strange that something so delicious could actually be good for you.

Carrot Cake

The carrot cake bar: making your weekend hike feel like dessert at mom’s house.

Espresso Chip

With 30 mg of caffeine, this interesting energy bar is pulling double duty.

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