7 Fresh Sleeping Bag Designs

7 Fresh Sleeping Bag Designs

Grand Trunk
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The problem with staying warm in a hammock with most sleeping bags is that, as the loft is compressed under the users back, it loses its insulating properties. Because its no fun sleeping with a drafty backside, colder weather campers have learned to keep their butts on the ground. The hammock-compatible sleeping back from Grand Trunk solves this problem with a design that threads a hammock right through the bag, leaving the lower layers insulating properties lofted and intact. Note: hammock sold separately, but Grand Trunk has you covered with hammocks ranging from a $30 ultralight model to a $180 mosquito-proof Shangri-La option. The 2.6-pound Hammock Bag doesnt come with a temperature rating, but if its cold enough to worry about such things you should probably consider a tent. GrandTrunkGoods.com


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