7 Fresh Sleeping Bag Designs

7 Fresh Sleeping Bag Designs

The problem with staying warm in a hammock with most sleeping bags is that, as the loft is compressed under the users back, it loses its insulating properties. Because its no fun sleeping with a drafty backside, colder weather campers have learned to keep their butts on the ground. The hammock-compatible sleeping back from Grand Trunk solves this problem with a design that threads a hammock right through the bag, leaving the lower layers insulating properties lofted and intact. Note: hammock sold separately, but Grand Trunk has you covered with hammocks ranging from a $30 ultralight model to a $180 mosquito-proof Shangri-La option. The 2.6-pound Hammock Bag doesnt come with a temperature rating, but if its cold enough to worry about such things you should probably consider a tent. GrandTrunkGoods.com

After a whopping eight years in development, the Spoonbill double-bag is finally available for sale at your local gear shop. Its already made a splash by picking up a 2012 Backpacker Editor's Choice Award, and weighing in lighter than plenty of single bags weve seen, its no wonder. The 2.7-pound bag uses 850-fill down insulation, and is also available as a 2.5-pound option with even warmer, 900-fill down. Dont look for a temperature rating, though. The company says its hard enough gauging a rating for single bags. From the manufacturer: The bag has 5 inches of loft, which is what our standard 20-degree bags have, but with two people inside the warmth rating goes up significantly. This bag has been tested extensively on Denali for the past five years and the feedback has been that it is plenty warm on that mountain for the athletes who were using it. Like all Feathered Friends bags, the Spoonbill is hand-made in Seattle, which partly explains the, ahem, lofty price tag. FeatheredFriends.com

The cutely named Napsack has a cinch cord at the bottom that lets the wearer hike it up and lounge around the campsite in full-legged comfort. It also has zippered armholes for maximum mobility. When youre ready for bed, just dive into a tent, zipper and cinch the Napsack back into sleeping bag form, pull up the hood, and hit the hay. Because its only rated to 50 degrees, the bag is likely best used for mild-weather car-camping, living-room lounging or anything in between. The Napsack is available in black or orange, comes in two sizes, and who knows how much it weighsthat the company doesnt even list weight is a good indication of who its intended for. Namely, the majority of casual campers who aren't counting ounces. PolerStuff.com.

Meet the JakPak—part tent, part sleeping bag, part jacket, and totally unique. The design is based around a waterproof, breathable rain jacket that deploys into a combination sleeping bag/tent. You really have to watch the video to grasp the concept. Maybe more than once. The whole shebang weighs about three pounds and comes in three sizes, from S to XL. The detachable tent can also be used as a pack cover, and its fine mesh netting keeps even small no-see-ums out while “in the tent,” or can act as mosquito netting while on the go. JakPak.com.

Besides having the most sensational name of the bunch, the Sexy Hotness bag seems to have the most fun, too. It has pockets, a draw-string hoodie, padded feet and full-length zippers on each sideplus one in the middle to allow for walking. It can be connected to an infinite number of Sexy Hotness friends. (See the video for reference.) The bag comes in two sizes (3.45 and 3.85 pounds, respectively) and is insulated with synthetic fill. The company claims its rated down to 20 degreesalthough its unclear if thats solo or tandem. From Alite: Zip two or more together and get snuggling, spooning, or sporking! Yikes! AliteDesigns.com

Nemo has been building a solid reputation the last few years for its high-performance tents, and this summer the Dover, NH-based company is breaking into sleeping bags in a big way. The company is fielding nine limited-edition bags this summer, and will be ramping up to full production for the 2013 model year. Nemos 2-pound, $350 ultralight Siren 30 model is already sold out, but the 2-pound, 11-ounce Nocturne 15, seen here, is still available. The bag uses 700-fill down and has two models rated to 15 and 30 degrees. Both bags use a unique profile that gently tapers around the waist but leaves room to move around the shoulders and knees. Bonus points for Nemo for the waterproof and breathable foot box. NemoSleepingBags.com.

If you think these colorful, four-limbed sleeping bags look like some twisted take on the Teletubbies, youre not alone. But dont knock em until youve tried one. This Classic model (representing the companys fourth generation of product development), comes in three sizesM, L and XL. The bag weighs between 4 and 4.7 poundsso ultralighters need not apply. Made from Rip-Stop Nylon with a water-resistant finish, this bag is made for walking, lounging or snoozing comfortably in temperatures as low as 35 degrees. The Classic comes in lemon (shown), chilli pepper red, black or pink. Its also available in a $99 Lite model or two kids sizes that sell for $50 each. SelkBagUSA.com