Strange Bedfellows: 7 New Sleeping Bags

Strange Bedfellows: 7 New Sleeping Bags

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Besides having the most sensational name of the bunch, the Sexy Hotness bag seems to have the most fun, too. It has pockets, a draw-string hoodie, padded feet and full-length zippers on each side—plus one in the middle to allow for walking. It can be connected to an infinite number of Sexy Hotness friends. (See the video for reference.) The bag comes in two sizes (3.45, 3.85 pounds, respectively) and is insulated with synthetic fill. The company claims it’s rated down to 20 degrees—although it’s unclear if that’s solo or tandem. From Alite: “Zip two or more together and get snuggling, spooning, or sporking!” Yikes!


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