Strange Bedfellows: 7 New Sleeping Bags

Staff Writer
Think outside the bag—way outside—with these unique sleep solutions

The Poler Stuff Napsack: at the forefront of weird and whimsical sleeping bag design.

Outdoor gear companies have been running amuck with their latest sleeping bag designs. This sampling of some notable category contenders are funky, fun, and—to varying degrees—functional, too.

We can’t fault manufacturers for trying to cash in on some of the magic marketing fairy dust that has catapulted “Snuggie” into a household name. Or maybe they’re justifiably trying to have some fun with what’s otherwise a fairly staid staple of the outdoor equipment world. Some of these bags—like the Feathered Friends double-occupance option—have been field tested on Denali. Along with the new options from Nemo, these are serious, high-performance products—but each of these bags comes with a twist. One has an integrated tent, and another is the first hammock-compatible bag we’ve seen.

The balance are better suited for car camping or living-room lounging, and some will even double nicely as Halloween costumes. Of course if you’re really looking for a solid gag getup, don’t miss the Chum Buddy, or maybe the Bear Bag.

Selk'Bag: at the forefront of weird, whimiscal bag design.