Steal a Team USA Skier's Favorite Fitness Moves

Staff Writer
Whip your body into shape for snow season—fast

Snow is falling, and we know—you’re jacked. But if you spent summer crying into your pillow because of last year’s terrible snowfall instead of ramping up your body for this year’s (hopefully) plentiful pow, you might be setting your blubbery/ing self up for injury when you hit the slopes. But blow your nose—it’s not too late:  

Tommy Gogolen has been skiing his whole life, qualifying for the Team USA telemark team in the summer of 2011. After tearing his ACL—twice—the 31-year-old has become determined to get his body into prime condition for the 2012/13 season.

Get going with a few of his favorite moves—they’re perfect for telemark, but they’re also guaranteed to whip you into shape in time for any serious shredding this winter.

Video by Blake Holmes Productions. Additional reporting by Bethany Marzewski.