Start Cycling Right Now: 7 Entry-Level Road Bikes Under $800

These road bikes are the perfect price for the beginner road cyclists

Buying a new bike can be an overwhelming process. We’ve given tips before on how to buy a bike and specifically, how to buy your first road bike. And within the discussion, price range always plays an important role in decisions. [slideshow:1023]

Yes, the bike needs to fit properly, and yes, it should be built to last and give you a great cycling experience, but why does that often mean that bikes are priced at thousands of dollars? Road cycling is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. It is a terrific form of exercise and offers the opportunity to become a part of a friendly, active community. And anyone should be able to hop on a road bike and get outside to ride. But with prices in the high thousands, it becomes unattainable.  

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Finding an affordable yet solid entry-level road bicycle can be a difficult feat. But look no further. These 7 entry-level road bikes are all under $800 and offer better quality at reasonable prices.

In creating this list, we researched the best brands for road biking. In the bike industry, brands hold true to their mission statements of making bicycles for the people. Brands such as Trek and Specialized prove time and time again that they are leaders of the industry because they want their customers to have the best biking experience possible.

After finding our best brands, we went further and searched through what they had to offer in the road bike category. The majority are not cheap. It’s the price you pay for the quality that comes with the name, but, wanting to promote bicycling to everyone, there are options in all price ranges. And what is most impressive is that these bikes still have some of the qualities of the elite racing bicycles that cost 10 times more.

Getting on the cycling train should be stress-free. It’s a thrilling sport that beginners should look forward to participating in. Buying your first road bike should be an exciting experience without the added defeat of breaking the bank. These great bikes are the perfect way to get started comfortably. 

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