Stargazing Trails

Stargazing Trails

Castle Trail, Badlands National Park

This moderate 10 mile trail in South Dakota passes along some beautiful badlands formations. Above the skies are open and dark, perfect for stargazing.

Chimneys Trail, Big Bend National Park

There's nothing quite like the open sky in a bare, rocky desert in Texas. Experience a vast starry night sky on this beautiful trail. 

Navajo Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park

Begin at Sunset Point and travel down the stunning canyons of Utah. Watch the bright stars shine among the hoodoos rock formations. 

The Susquehannock Trail, Cherry Springs State Park

Although Cherry Springs does not have it's own trail, the nearby Susquehannock Trail is quite the hike. But for some serious stargazing, the Cherry Springs State Park field sits high atop a 2,300 foot mountain in Pennsylvania with a 360 degree view of the night sky.

Telescope Peak Trail, Death Valley National Park

With a name like Telescope Peak, you are bound to have incredible stargazing views atop the highest point in Death Valley National Park. From the peak of this trail in California, you can see over one hundred miles in any direction. 

Gunsight Pass, Glacier National Park

This intensive hike in Montana is for those in good physical condition. Make it an overnight backpacking adventure to sleep under the stars surrounded by spectacular landscapes and an incredible open sky. 

Rim Trail, Grand Canyon National Park

For an easier, yet equally stunning hike, try the rim trail at Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Stop to watch the sunset at Hopi point for one of the bes sunsets and starscapes you'll ever see. 

Summit Area, Haleakala National Park

At the summit of Jalekala volcano in Hawaii, be ready to be exposed to a whole new dimension. After hiking around the surrounding cinder desert landscape, the darkness will reveal a jaw-dropping night sky. 

The Maze, Joshua Tree

Make sure to bring a pair of binoculars on this hike. Utah is known for it's incredible trails including The Maze, but what makes it even more extraordinary, the unpolluted views of distant space. 

Maunakea Trail, Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea, a one-million year old dormant volcano, and the highest point in Hawaii has dry atmosphere that makes for perfect stargazing. Hike up the Maunakea Trail to reach the summit which has many observatories and telescopes.