This Stand-Up Paddleboard Does All the Work for You

This self-inflating stand-up paddle board with a built-in engine is the most advanced board yet
Kickstarter/ SipaBoards

It’s no secret that stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has grown exponentially as a sport in the past few years and with that kind of growth it’s no surprise that there will be major innovations in the realm of gear. 

One such innovation comes from paddle boarder and designer Sebastjan Sitar who posted the idea on Kickstarter, where it quickly surpassed fundraising goals. The concept, called the SipaBoard, is a self-inflating stand-up paddle board that also has a built-in engine. One motor is used to inflate the board (this takes about five minutes) and the same motor then fits into a chamber on the board, where it can power the boat forward quietly. 

Paddlers can control the motor using buttons on the specially designed paddle that’s included and according to the Kickstarter page, the board can cruise (2 knots) for up to three hours on one charge. With a top speed of 3.5 knots, or 4 mph, and a short charge time of one hour, the board is certainly no speed boat but the motor works well as a boost. The propeller is tucked away in the board so you won’t have to worry about safety issues and if the paddle falls in the water the board stops moving so you wont lose it either.

With an initial fundraising goal of $150,000, the SipaBoard has currently raised almost $350,000, hitting several stretch goals. Those stretch goals mean that there was also money to develop a storage bag and an app to help monitor the motor and GPS on paddling trips. The Kickstarter campaign is still in progress, but production is expected to begin soon. Once the campaign is over, the board is expected to retail for $2,190.