Spring's Almost Here: the Most Amazing Cherry Blossom Viewing Around the World

The best spots to see gorgeous cherry blossoms across the world

Yahoo Editors—In the fall you peep the changing leaves and fall foiliage, and in spring, you go see the beautiful pink cherry blossoms. And we could all use some spring right about now. So here are some of the most beautiful places around the world to see blooms — from classic spots, to those that are totally unexpected.

Seoul, South Korea

(Photo: Emy ^^/Flickr)

Blossoming cherry trees line the avenue at Olympic Park in Seoul. Generally mid-April is prime viewing time. 

Brooklyn, New York

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New York's Brooklyn Botanic Garden is home to more than 200 cherry trees, the very first of which were a gift from the Japanese government after World War I. Some of the 40+ species and varieties bloom as early as March.

Toyonaka, Japan

(Photo: Atsuhiko Takagi/Flickr)

Hattori Ryokuchi Arboretum in Toyonaka has more than 2,500 cherrry trees. It's a favorite spot for sakura, the lovely traditional passtime of watching cherry blossom leaves fall. 

Curitiba, Brazil

(Photo: Gabor Basch/Flickr)

Thanks many Japanese immigrating to Brazil, Curitiba boasts some beautiful cherry trees that blossom in July. Great spots to see the trees include the Japanese Garden, the Botanic Garden, and Tanguá Park

Salem, Oregon

(Photo: Edmund Garman/Flickr)

You know spring is coming in State Capitol State Park in Salem, Ore. when the cherry blossoms lining the Capitol Mall start blooming. 

Bonn, Germany

(Photo: Marc Oliver John/Flickr)

The German city's so-called "Cherry Blossom Avenue" explodes with flowers for two to three weeks a year. The trees were originally planted in the '80s. 

Paris, France

(Photo:EPA/ Ian Langsdon/Corbis)


One of the best places to gaze upon cherry blossoms in Paris is at Parc du Champs de Mars — it's in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, which makes for a beautiful view.

Osaka, Japan

What's better than taking in the blossoming cherry trees from the water. Almost 5,000 trees line the Okawa River in Osaka at Kema Sakuranomiya Park and tend to flower in early April.

Vancouver, Canada

(Photo: Hansol/Flickr)

The city has 40,000 cherry blossom trees that bloom as the rainy season fades and spring comes. Places like Queen Elizabeth Park andVanDusen Botanical Garden are great places to view. 

Washington, D.C.

(Photo: PeterPanFan/Flickr)

Seventeen hundred cherry blossom trees line Washington, D.C.'s Tidal Basin, and every spring they bloom into an explosion of pink. According to the National Park Service, this year's peak blooms will be April 11-14

Boston, Massachusetts

(Photo: John Tammaro/Flickr)

In spring, the Charles River Esplanade in Boston's Back Bay bursts with pink with cherry blossoms — the perfect setting for a walk or jog around along the river. 

Stockholm, Sweden

(Photo: Anders Adermark/Flickr)

Sixty-three Japanese cherry trees were planted in 1998 along the plaza atKungsträdgården in Stockholm. They bloom each spring, creating a pretty canopy of flowers. 


(Photo: Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival)

Since 1926 when the Japanese government donated cherry trees to the city, the Subary Cherry Blossom Festival has been an annual tradition, now showcasing 1,000 trees. This year the festival runs April 6-12.