Spring Running and Triathlon Guide 2013

Everything you need to make this your best year of running ever

The right shoe for every runner, every style of running.

10 Expert Running Tips for Spring
3 Most Common Tapering Mistakes
6 Ways CrossFit Benefits Runners

Running 101: How to Become a Runner (and Enjoy It!)
Single-Leg Drills For Balanced Running
The Best Kind of Hill Workout: Downhill
Why A Better Lactate Threshold Means Faster Times
Run Right: Find Your Motivation
The Importance of Marathon Recovery
Run Right: Change Up Your Workout
The 4 Best Types Of Massage For Runners
4 Prettiest Trails for Spring Running
Want to Run Faster? Be Sure to Recover.

The 25 Best Running Shoes of 2013
How-To: Find the Right Shoe for You
Fresh Gear: Spring Running 2013
10 Best Energy Bars (and 1 We'll Never Touch Again)

6 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet
8 Essential Trail Running Accessories
Polar RCX5 GPS: A sleek, pricey GPS trainer for hardcore endurance athletes

6 Best Shoes for Heavy Runners

How-To: Plan a Successful Triathlon Season
Triathlon 2013: Get a Smarter Training Start
$20K Triathlon: The Best Gear Money Can Buy
Nail Your Triathlon Weak Sport: Swim
Nail Your Triathlon Weak Sport: Cycling
Nail Your Triathlon Weak Sport: Run
7 Race Day Gear Blunders Triathletes Can Avoid
Your First Triathlon: What Nobody Tells You
5 Beginner Triathlons
Pro Tip: Why Pre-Race Sleep Matters
6 Lessons Ironman Mark Allen Learned from a Shaman
Mind Games to Make You Faster
Setting Up A Road Bike For Triathlon
14 Triathlon Pro Training Tips
Expert Advice: 3 Tips to Speed Up Your Swim
Chris Carmichael Says "Fear Not the Swim"
14 Triathlon Veterans on Training Partners and Coaches

Fuel for the Fire Inside: Ultrarunner Scott Jurek on What Keeps Him Going
Is Spaghetti Killing Your Race Time?
8 Pros Dish on Their Favorite No-Pasta Pre-Race Dinners
The Art (and Science) of Snacking For Endurance Athletes
10 Biggest Sports Nutrition Myths
The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition
Is a Vegan Diet Enough for Ultra Endurance?

Dean Karnazes’ Injury-Prevention Tips
Have Knee Pain? Your Butt Might Be To Blame.
Are Certain Footstrikes Better for Your Body?
• The Cold Hard Truth About Ice Baths
Pre-covery: The Way to Stay Injury-Free

The Great Big Race Calendar 2013
13 Crazy Obstacle Races and Mud Runs
How-To: Run Your First 5K or 10K Race
How-To: Prep For Your First Adventure Race
10 Best Marathons to Run in America
Picture This: Train Your Brain to Faster Times
12 Amazing Races to Run Before You Die
Does Sex Improve Race Performance?

Find Your Best Race Weight
10 Worst Race Cheats of All Time
4 Strategies for Overcoming Racing Anxiety
Post-Boston Bombing: The New Face of Race Security
The Adventure Racing Life List

In It for the Long Haul: Motivation Tips from Scott Jurek
Heroic Video: The Slinky vs. The Treadmill
Video: Cross Country FAIL
What Makes the Perfect Runner (Hint: It Could Be You)?
An Ultrarunner's Inspirational Trail Back from Injury
The Slowest Marathon. Ever.



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