Spring Fitness Gear Slideshow

Spring Fitness Gear Slideshow

The FitBit Flex is a wristband version of the award-winning FitBit One. Like its predecessor, it measures steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, hours slept and quality of sleep. Over time, you can use the app to create improvement goals for yourself—12,000 steps each day, say, or eight hours of good sleep—and the Flex will tell you in real-time how you're doing, helping motivate you to strive for your daily goals. In a sense, it's the gamification of life, where winning makes you a healthier person.
$100; fitbit.com

The Armour39 purports to measure performance rather than simply monitoring activity, and will go so far as to score your workouts on a 0-10 score—WILLpower—that Under Armour says is "the first true measure of an athlete." The chest strap-worn gadget tracks heart rate, calories burned and real-time intensity (which is a comparison of your exercising heart rate versus your baseline resting heart rate). It uploads exercise data to a mobile app in real-time, so you can check out how you're doing throughout a workout (handy if you've set a WILLpower goal for yourself). And what's the juju behind WILLpower? A proprietary algorithm that combines certain heart rate measurements, your user profile (sex, age, weight, etc.), body positioning and workout duration. Due for release March 20.
$150; underarmour.com

As the walkman, then discman, then iPod taught us, one of the best parts of any workout is being able to listen to your favorite pump-me-up tunes while you sweat. Unfortunately headphones aren't always up to the challenge of staying put and delivering consistent sound while being jostled in your sweaty ears. X-1's Momentum Ultra Light Headphones are earbuds designed with this in mind. With a selection of four ear-tips, these phones can be custom-fitted right out of the box. They are washable and won't short out after absorbing your sweat for weeks on end.
$49.99; X-1.com

If your wrists or knees need extra padding during your yoga practice, this mat is a great solution. The Uttama is made of 100 percent natural rubber and has the highest level of cushioning on the market. It's 68 inches long by 24 inches wide and puts 8mm of padding between you and the floor.
$89.98; gaiam.com

This fancy schmancy scale tracks your weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, heart rate and indoor air quality every time you set foot on it, and uploads all of that juicy data directly to your computer via WiFi. Use it to track your health and progress, set realistic goals for yourself or, if you need some serious motivation, turn your followers into Weight Watchers by automatically tweeting your data each time.
$150; withings.com

Is that a DJ in your pocket? Pump up your workout with FIT Radio, which hires pro DJs to engineer original, energizing playlists from the hottest hip-hop, house, rock, dub step and indie tracks. Choose a playlist to match your tastes, tempo (the beats-per-minute remain fairly steady through each list) and workout, hit play and you won't need to fuss with it until you're done.
Free for Android and iPhone, $2.99 without ads; fitradio.com

Soybu's Killer Caboose Pant is on our list for those chilly, early-spring days. These eco-conscious, bootcut pants are made from polyester created from recycled bottles. The environmentally friendly design also offers slimming features including Power Flex compression fabric and a double-layer waistband. Pair the pants with a light jacket and sandals, and you’re ready for lunch after class.
$77; soybu.com

Motorola's MOTOACTV is a super-versatile wearable fitness device, with built-in GPS and (with a chest strap) heart rate monitor good for tracking nearly any kind of workout—running, cycling, skiing and even cricket! Beyond that, it's a "smart" mp3 player that holds up to 4,000 songs and, through some feat of electronic wizardry, "learns" what kind of music motivates you and can DJ your workouts accordingly. Beyond that, its functionality can be upgraded by simply downloading apps onto it.
$150 (8GB), $200 (16GB); motorola.com

The playful design and neon colors of lululemon's Free To Be Bra are perfect for spring. The looped, criss-crossed back is great for twisting poses, and the design features chafe-resistant flat seams for added comfort. The bra has pop-in cups for easy washing and the mesh fabric near the bust is quick-drying and anti-stink. Note: It was designed for women with a smaller bust size.
$42.00; lululemon.com

The Ab-Carver Pro by Perfect Fitness is the Batmobile of ab rollers—just look at those thick wheels and sleek handles! The stable design lets you roll not just forward, but also to carve left and right to work your obliques. It’s a serious workout and can help you get those Batman abs you’d love for warmer weather.
$39.90; abcarverpro.com

This system will help you get a serious workout in a seriously tiny space. The TRX Suspension Trainer was designed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick, who needed a way to stay in shape on the road (holed up in hostile territory, if the story is to be believed). The program comes complete with online videos to make sure you can get a full-body workout.
$199.95; trxtraining.com