Speed Riding from Sports Too Extreme for the Winter Olympics

Sports Too Extreme for the Winter Olympics

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Speed Riding

A combination of skydiving, downhill skiing and paragliding, sign up for this sport and with skis attached to your feet and a “speedglider” wing as your chute you’ll be dropped at the top of a mountain from an airplane. From there you’ll glide and (literally) fly down the mountain, using your chute to catch air if any obstacles appear in your way. According to World Business, the French Federation has officially recognized speed riding as a sport since 2005 and every April the French National Speed Riding Championships are held in Samoens (a ski resort in the French Alps). François Bon, a founder of the sport according to The Telegraph, insists that the sport is relatively safe because it’s not as dangerous as base jumping. Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean its partakers are any less insane.


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