Southwest Road Trip! Day 4, Arches Nat'l Park

Photographer Andy Austin's visual diary of a classic spring break trip
Andy Austin

The Milky Way rises above North Window in Arches National Park. Southern Utah has some of the clearest skies of anywhere in the U.S.

Day 4 of my Southwest road trip was spent in the early hours of the day in Arches National Park under a clear starry night sky. After my first few days in rain, I was thrilled to see the skies open up for my last night in Moab. I drove into the park at midnight, and made my first stop at Park Avenue (which I posted about on my first day). I then drove to the Windows area of Arches, where I was earlier the day before. My first stop in Windows was Double Arch, which was a quick half-mile roundtrip. After getting some great images of the stars, I went on to the actual Windows. A 1-mile roundtrip will lead you past North and South Window, as well as Turret Arch. Standing next to North Window is phenomenal, and I highly recommend it even if you're just stargazing. The image pictured is the Milky Way rising above North Window.

Photo Details: Shot with Canon 6D and 24m TS-E. On a tripod cable-released and lit by my Black Diamond Icon Headlamp. ISO 4000 f/3.5 Shutter: 30 seconds

Tomorrow I head towards Bryce Canyon, so stay tuned!

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