Southwest Road Trip! Day 1, Arches Nat'l Park

Photographer Andy Austin's visual diary of a classic spring break
Andy Austin

Afternoon light on Broadway, Arches N.P.

Today marked the first official day of my Southern Utah road trip. I rolled into Arches National Park only an hour before sunset after driving all day, and the weather wasn’t cooperating. But I was able to snap this picture of Park Avenue in Arches National Park between storms.

Park Avenue was named by early visitors that thought the tall rock formations reminded them of tall skyscrapers lining a big city street. These layers began forming over 150 million years ago as tidal flats, desert, and beach deposits. Within the past two millions years the immense pressure has cracked the slabs and created the “fins” you see in the picture. These fins are the beginning of the arches that the national park is now famous for. There is a popular hiking trail that cuts right down the middle of Park Avenue—a quick 1.8 miles round trip.

Photo details: Shot with a Canon 6D with a 24mm TS-E | ISO 100 f/6.3 Shutter Speed 1/100

Tomorrow I will be heading into Arches at sunrise for a day of shooting, so stay tuned for more updates from the road!

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