Sony and JVC to Field Action Cameras

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Look out, GoPro and Contour, here come the big boys

You can bet that when Inc. magazine's cover story about how GoPro catapulted from a garage-project business into the leader of a $250M action camera industry ran earlier this year, executives at all the major electronics manufacturers took notice.

Fast forward six months, and lo and behold: here come Sony and JVC, both of which this week "leaked" the fact that they have cameras that look to be in the final stages of development.

First came Sony early in the week, which makes a lot of sense since the brand is fairly well synonymous with the handheld video camera craze that swept through every American household in the 1980s.

According to a story, the new Sony cam will use Sony’s SteadyShot image stabilization technology, Exmor R CMOS image sensor, and an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss Tessar lens.

Then, just yesterday, JVC came over the top announcing its all-new  ADIXXION Camcorder.

While the Sony still looks to be very much in beta, the JVC comes appears fully baked, with a bevy of mounts and accessories already seemingly completed. No word on availability or pricing yet, but the JVC looks to be quite the contender. It's shock-proof, water-proof and freeze-proof, and reportedly weighs just 126 grams.

Unlike the Sony, the JVC sports a built-in LCD screen for instant playback and setup check. It also has built-in image stabilization, and WiFi capability,  which potentially means live-streaming -- and definitely a way to double-check the camera angle on your helmet-mount via your phone before you get rad.

Interestingly, the JVC announcement comes right on the heels of GoPro's recently released WiFi (and remote control) enabled model. The JVC will reportedly shoot full 1080p HD video at 30 fps, or 720p at 60 fps, and its 5MP lens can zoom, too—something no other action cam on the market currently can do. The recent Gizmodo four-camera action cam test was quite telling—of the four models tested, only the two obvious contenders (the GoPro and the Contour) performed anywhere near what their prices ($300-$500) would suggest. Outside of those two leaders, the rest of the action cam industry looks fairly bushleague.

Don't be surprised to see both the Sony and JVC cameras on shelves by the Christmas selling season.

H/T to The Adventure Blog for the JVC scoop.