This Solar Powered Electric Bicycle Will Blow Your Mind

The Solar Bike is powered 100 percent clean energy—and yes, it’s real

When you were little, maybe you dreamed of the day when you would ride a hover board or zap to school in a teleporting device, but those futuristic devices are still far off. The solar bike, however, is an actual working bike—and it sounds pretty incredible.

Designed in Denmark by Jesper Frausig, the Solar Bike uses panels located in the wheels to gather energy from the sun while not in use, meaning the bike runs on 100 percent clean energy. When you’re set to ride the solar cells and battery provides energy to the motor.

After working on it for three years, Frausig says the bike has a standard speed of 15 mph, but that it can reach speeds of 30 mph. He also says that the bike can travel more than 40 miles on a single charge.

As of now, there’s no advertised price tag or estimated date of production for the solar bike, but it has been nominated for the INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards and that’s a big step. Check it out in action around Denmark and find more information at the Solar Bike website.