So Cool! You Can Now Walk Through a Glacier in Iceland

The largest man-made ice cave in the world will open on June 1 and you need to see it

Annie Daly—Ever wondered what it would be like to live in the Ice Age? Now you can get a bit of an idea. On June 1, Iceland will open a man-made ice cave — the largest in the world — to the public. The cave is essentially a giant tunnel through a glacier, and walking through it will be known as the “Into the Glacier” experience, says Mail Online

The ice cave, which is the brainchild of two adventure tour operators, Baldvin Einarsson and Hallgrimur Orn Arngrimsson, stretches into the Langjokull glacier, Europe’s second-largest glacier. At its deepest point, the tunnel is nearly 1,000 feet below the surface of the glacier, with another 1,900 feet of ice underneath. But when you go, don’t expect a grand, flashy scene: The entrance is actually very small and concealed. 

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Don’t judge a cave by its (very small) entrance. (Photo: Ice Cave Iceland/Facebook)

The tunnel also leads to a slew of smaller man-made winding chambers. When visitors walk through the entire cave, which is half a mile long, they will also be able to watch it change color from white to deep blue. 

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Who knew an ice cave would be so blue? (Photo: Ice Cave Iceland/Facebook)

And get this: There is even a small chapel in the cave, which can be used for underground weddings. The rest of the space will also be available for parties, meetings, and other functions.  

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Oh, you know, just your average spot to get hitched. (Photo:Ice Cave Iceland/Facebook)

The tour costs 87 pounds for a two to three hour tour, and exclusive access costs about 1306 pounds. It can also be booked as part of a day trip from Reykjavik.

Of course, it goes without saying, but the tunnel is really, really cold. Tour operators supply warm clothing to visitors, and also warn that as you get down below, there is a noticeable temperature drop. And if you decide to get married down there? We hear white fur coats look great in wedding photos. 

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