Top 15 Spring Skiing Destinations

You may be shocked but January and February are not the best months to be on the hills


The season is not even almost over for avid skiers who love to hit the slopes even as temperatures rise. Many ski resorts stay open after the winter season is officially over to accommodate the enthusiasts.[slideshow:99448]

Spring skiing makes the sport and recreational activity even more appealing that it already is. The weather is warmer, which brings night skiing, and sunnier, and the surroundings look even more beautiful and breathtaking. Prices are lower, crowds are practically non-existent, and the days are much longer. And for watching the sport, numerous races and events are scheduled for the spring to better accommodate spectators.

Spring breakers should reconsider flocking to popular locations such as tropical islands and crowded beaches. In general, you want to go to a place that is high and to the north, where the snow lasts longer.

But resorts all over the country are catching up. The snow-making machines are working overtime, parties are being planned, and pond skimming is getting set up. The show must go on, after all.

Don’t get anxious when the weather starts to warm, even if you still have valid season passes and enough days under your belt to make many jealous. The end of the snowy season is not looming like a sunny demon.  Late-season ski sessions are not a sad slush-fest.

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