Best Places for Spring Skiing in the U.S.

Winter may be over soon but you don't have to put away your skis

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Winter may be almost over but avid skiers will still have a chance to hit the slopes, even as temperatures rise. Fans of the sport are still itching to get more runs before putting the gear away. Thankfully, several ski resorts stay open until late April or May to accommodate the enthusiasts.

Spring skiing has a few advantages – the weather is warmer and sunnier, making your surroundings even more beautiful and breathtaking. Prices are lower, crowds are practically non-existent, and the days are much longer.[slideshow:82368]

Night skiing also becomes an attraction as the weather gets warmer. And for watching the sport, numerous races and events are scheduled for the spring to better accommodate spectators.

If you ever wanted to ski wearing a T-shirt as opposed to puffy jackets and thick gloves that get in the way of taking selfies, now is your chance. Just be conscious of the “corn” snow, spawned by melting ice that forms rough cold grains that merge into big crystals. They freeze at night when it gets cold again and become bigger. If the weather stays cold the next day, which doesn’t happen often, the top layer won’t melt and your spring skiing experience may be hindered.

In general, you want to go to a resort that is high and to the north, where the snow lasts longer. But resorts all over the country are catching up. The snow-making machines are working overtime, beach parties are being planned, and pond skimming is getting set up. The show must go on.

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