The World’s Most Dangerous Winter Hikes

Some winter hikes are sheer, frightening, and unpredictable, but really enchanting


Many nature-lovers tend to head for the woods after the first snowfall. With the crowds gone, winter can be a great time to hike in the wilderness, but adventurers must be aware of the almost certain dangers they will face along several trails in the winter.[slideshow:96216]

Perhaps it is the adrenaline rush of constantly being in danger that makes winter hiking a popular exploit this time of year, but one slip can change your life or end it. It is certainly not a walk in the park; heavy snowfall, rain, wild animals, sudden temperature changes , and strong winds are common trip companions.

This scenery will scare many people away, but the stunning views along the way and the proud feeling of accomplishment prevail in the end. It’s hard to stay away. Treacherous conditions can be overcome with proper tools and preparation.

If you have the energy, fitness level, and skills — and you are a person of valor — the risky trips will be worth the trouble. This popular Norwegian saying holds true: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Hikers and snowshoers should do their homework and plan well for every possible scenario. Dress in layers to adjust to various temperatures; forget about cotton clothes; know what to do in case of avalanches; don’t forget your snow poles; and have a survival kit.

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