The Best Places to Ski That Are Still Open

Spring is officially here but you don’t have to close the ski season just yet


Every skier – from veteran to newbies – love to ski in the sun. Spring skiing makes the sport and recreational activity even more appealing that it already is.

The weather is warmer, which brings night skiing, and sunnier, and the surroundings look even more beautiful and breathtaking.[slideshow:100371]

After a few months of practicing skiing and snowboarding, the last thing you want to do is hang up the gear. You’re on top of your game by now and want more time to show off your skills.

Don’t be nervous now when the weather is warm, especially if you still have valid season passes and enough training days under your belt to make many jealous.

Take your friends on a long weekend ski trip. You’re likely to find great deals and packages at resorts that are open for only a few more weeks.

The end of the season brings a lot of live music and other entertainment events to the mountains, as well as great food and competitions, usually for free or at deeply discounted rates.

Another thing to love about spring skiing is the feeling. If you have yet to experience it, you should go. That relaxed, care-free vibe that’s shared by everyone on the mountain as soon as the sun starts shining is one of the best aspects about ski and snowboard culture.

The end of the snowy season is not looming like a sunny demon.  Late-season ski sessions are not a sad slush-fest.

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