Best Lakes for Ice Fishing in North America

Bundle up, go outside and try fishing in a whole different way


People living in the South may be surprised to find out that ice fishing is a fascination for many anglers in the North. It is a combination of beautiful, calm surrounding and adrenaline-inducing adventure.

Ice fishing is an exciting outdoor winter recreation. The idea of pulling a giant perch through a hole in the ice, beneath which there is nothing but water, is quite thrilling. You will have stories to tell at the dinner table for years to come – especially if the ice cracks and you become stranded.[slideshow:97308]

Not all lakes provide good conditions in the winter. Finding the right place is vital, especially when mobility is not as easy as it is in the summer or spring. You can find hundreds of ice fishing lakes in every state but not all of them boast a guarantee to catch a variety of quality, and often large, fish.

President's Day weekend in New York State will be a free ice fishing event to encourage more locals to try the adventurous hobby. Residents and visitors will be able to fish in the fresh or marine waters without a license.

Ice fishing is a challenging sport that can also be dangerous. You have to remember to bring extra warm clothes, waterproof insulated boots, hats, extra gloves, ear warmers, sun glasses, a cooler to transport the fish, and high energy snacks because you may be out there for hours.

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