The Best and Most Fun Exercises to do in the Snow

The snow is the perfect excuse to skip the gym and have fun working out for once

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New York and some other big cities in the East Coast finally saw significant snow. As soon as the storm quieted down a little bit people got out to enjoy it.

Make the most of that time and replace your usual, and possibly dull, gym routine with some fun exercises that burn calories, increase your heart rate, and build muscle. Bonus: Moving a lot outside when it’s cold burns even more calories because you have to move faster to keep yourself warm. Also, the terrain is different – slippery, unstable – so your muscles work harder during basic activities such as walking.[slideshow:82167]

Turn strenuous exercises such as shoveling snow into entertainment but do it properly.  A study shows that about 11,500 Americans end up in ER each year from shoveling snow, mostly because they strained their backs.

Working out in the snow has a lot of benefits and only of them is breathing fresh air. In fact, common side effects of exercising surrounded by snow is feeling exhilarated, pumped with energy, and craving more. Just remember how as a kid you couldn’t wait to put the boots on as soon as you saw the first snowflakes and get out there.

On the more serious side, people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will benefit a lot from working out outside. Exercising in general helps reduce the symptoms but doing it in the snow during the day exposes you to a lot more sunlight, which is by far the best way to keep the blues away.

Other benefits or doing drills outside is drinking more water, developing tolerance for cold, cold temps, and you get extra Vitamin D.

Click here to see what you can do in the snow and have lots of fun while technically working out.

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