4 Tips for First Time Snowshoeing

Don’t overlook this key advice before you head out on the trails this winter

When the snow starts piling up and the temperatures start to dip, resist the urge to hibernate. Get your layers on, bring some hand warmers and try some new outdoor sports. Winter sports will put you in touch with a serene environment that many people don’t get to experience and it could be a great workout. If you’ve never been snowshoeing before, check out these tips and then try it for yourself.

Dress Wisely
Layers are the way to go when the temperature really starts to drop. Dress for the weather and then remove layers as you work up a sweat.

Get the Right Gear
The variety of sizes and brands can be overwhelming for beginners, so if you’re just trying the sport out, you might want to rent your gear first. Larger sizes of snowshoes will help you “float” better on the snow, but the bigger ones are also harder to get used to, so try to fit your gear to your needs.

Find an Area that’s Not Off-Limits
It’s always a good idea to stay on lands and trails that allow snowshoers. Not only will the trails often be groomed, but trekking on a ski trail could put you right in the way of the faster moving skiers.

Start Slow
As with any type of sport, it’s best to start slow and work your way up to tougher, longer trails. Oftentimes snowshoeing is a lot harder than you thought it might be, so it’s best to pick an easier route and progress from there.

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