15 Cozy Romantic Retreats for the Winter in North America

Go to a place where no one can reach you and enjoy quality time with your significant other


Romantic holidays are always in season but there is something about the white-powdered snow, cool and crisp air, and cozy sweaters that make winter the best time for such getaways.

So run far, far away with your significant other to the belly of the wintry beast and stay in cottages built two centuries ago.

The outdoor vibe of mountain towns – popular or lesser-known – gives you energy like nothing else. They offer plenty of thrilling adventures.

Vacationing at a ski lodge, relaxing at a day spa, taking long walks surrounded by snow, or enjoying some fresh air can be an exhilarating experience by itself.

Take a break from everyday life. Go to a place where no one can reach you and you are not tempted to use your phone or any other electronic device. You need to truly unplug and unwind in order to relax and recharge.

Relax by a fireplace, eat dinner by candlelight, stargaze at the sky above beautiful mountains, and go on exciting winter adventures such as dog sledding and cross-country skiing along picturesque trails together.

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