Is This Smartwatch the Answer to Your Activity-Tracking Prayers?

The Ironman® ONE GPS+ is the first smartwatch to offer stand-alone wireless connectivity

It’s a common conundrum for athletes of the modern age: we want  to listen to music, track our routes or simply stay safe while working out away from home (particularly outdoors), but wish there were some way to do these things without having to carry our phones —no matter how great current phone-carrying athletic apparel may be.

Of course, with the power of technology expanding at what seems like an almost exponential pace, there are more fitness-tracking, music-playing athletic accessories on the market than one athlete could make use of in a lifetime. But while many of these tools are indeed innovative, effective and useful, it seems that until now, none have yet been able to solve the “phone-carrying problem” in full.

Previewed at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City last week, Timex introduced their highly anticipated new Ironman® ONE GPS+ smartwatch; what they call, “a new solution for fitness activities and for any other instance when carrying a phone is not ideal.” 

The Ironman® ONE is the first smartwatch that offers stand-alone wireless connectivity without the need for a phone. Like most GPS watches made for athletic activities, the Ironman® ONE has the ability to track your speed, distance and pace in real time and can also monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth heart rate monitors, but what sets it apart from others on the market is its ability to keep athletes connected to music and messaging capabilities without the use of any other devices.

The promo video below highlights all of the watch’s many features. One of our favorites is the fact that it functions as safety net, allowing you to send a messages to friends or family in case of an emergency while you’re out on the road.

One downside to the device: for the first year of ownership data services are free, but after that you will incur a monthly charge—just like with a cell phone. Also, as many initial reviews of the product have pointed out, this is not a device for tech lovers who like their gadgets to be small and sleek.

Check out the specs for yourself and then let us know what you think. Is this a device you see yourself using, or is it just another gadget with excessive features that serve as distractions?

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