Slumdog Surfers: Catching India's Waves

Slumdog Surfers: Catching India's Waves

Craig Anderson discovers that the meaning of personal space isn't the same here in India. Possibly one of the most awkward but hilarious changing experiences in his life.

Judging by his face, I don't think Craig Anderson expected to be finding any barrels in India.

To the fishermen, this wave only slows them from getting out to a days work. To the surfers on this trip, their days work lies right in the midst of this peeling left.

The locals gather around the water to get a glimpse of the guys riding a wave they'd never seen anyone try to ride.

The locals were all so interested in us, and everywhere we went we met the kindest people. 

Rush hour in LA has nothing on the crowded streets of India.

Doing their best to fit in, Warren Smith and Craig Anderson almost look as if they belong in this Indian restaurant.

The locals seemed to gravitate towards Craig—and his hair. He was greeted by people everywhere he went.

One of the locals took off work just to stay and watch us surf that day.